Che dothras che drivos

For the Game of Thrones fans, these words are familiar, being part of the fictional dothraki’s language. The author translated this phrase in English as a “Ride or Die”, which tends to be one of the rule that aims the plot of the TV Show. Part of this famous movie was filming in Northern Ireland, a place I really enjoyed visiting during 3 months. I could tell that I felt the irish summer and it was a little bit too cold for me.

I’ve always wanted to visit this part of Europe, where I heard that the grass is greener and the leprechauns were born. I am able to prove only the first part while the second one still needs a deep research.

The first stop was in Belfast, a city famous because of Titanic, with a lot of seagulls and the marks of The Trouble in its history. I found a phrase written on a pub’s wall that caught my attention and made me think deeper.


The British and the Irish cultures are both present in the town, more remarkable in certain areas. They have 2 strong universities and one of them is quite impressive from an architecture perspective that made me feel like I was staring at Hogwarts. I left behind a cozy town with friendly people.

The fact that the Game of Thrones was filming there, gave people ideas to make a business from it. Travel agencies are offering transport and guidance to the places where this movie was shot.

Castle’s entrance


The Iron Island at Ballintoy Harbour


The Dark Hedges – Kings road

The next step in our journey was Giant Causeway where we were welcomed by a bicycle that indicated the place. I heard it before that it’s a special area because of the 40.000 interlocking basalt columns being the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. Indeed the place is beautiful, almost crowded, and is part of UNESCO World Heritage. The columns are present along 6 km of the northern Coast where you can see how the sea strikes the old rocks. I really recomand this place if you want to see how nature can creates art and nevertheless, if you love the sea.


If you ever have the change to visit this country, take the opportunity. All I can do is to let below a few pictures that captured the mingle of blue with green, the peaceful beaches, and the cliffs.



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